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How does it feel when….

Have you ever imagined, how it may feel if a bunch of super-rich men and women (wearing the similar Armani Business Suits) come start distributing goodies like fit-bit, Google glasses and an AI enabled Alexa  to you and your family and say that these are a few learning aid to help us prepare for future!.

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What if they then proceeded to have you and your family sit in a circle while they start talking of  Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet and all the mental models and term sheet hacks that helps being a great investor and a global citizen? They talk of how a new company is revolutionizing the way Private jets will be available for travel at a low cost just like how Uber or Ola did for cabs and that the future of everyone will be on private jets!

They then go on and explain how membership to business lounge in airport saves them so much of time and fatigue and how it helps in networking with more super-rich people further compounding the returns on their time.

What if they end this meeting asking you and your family to stand for a selfie and offer a “generous free” service of repeating this “workshop” to help us  (the upper middle class)  become “equal” to them. And lastly how will it feel a week later when the photo of “them in these sessions” with  your family in background becomes super viral post in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all at the same time with million+ likes?

How does it really feel even though what they did was purely philanthropic and with absolutely good intent? 

How does it feel to get “free wisdom” even though you didn’t really understand why you needed it?

I wonder if this is exactly how it feels for many of the low-income families when NGOs and Corporate’s crowd their community and schools and give them “wisdom” and “things” that they never asked for.

I wonder how they feel when you go to them with a “solution” that you think is what they need – even before you sit with them to understand their “problem”

We have seriously started asking these questions to ourselves and want to be mindfully aware of every action we do in the name of our mission.

Visit us @ to know more.

You may not see any selfies or photos of our low income partners who are helping us in our mission by giving us a chance to be part of their lives!


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