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Our Golden Circle – The Why, How and What of us

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Much has been already said about the “why” of the Golden Circle so we shall refrain from adding any more words/alphabets to that topic. For readers who have been oblivious of this jargon as the rest of the 5.9 out of 6 Billion people in this planet – Here are two links for a crash delivery of the wisdom



Now that this is out the way, Lets dive straight to our Why, How and Whats of Shifting Orbits Foundation


We believe that our lives will be worth it if only we are able to positively change the course of at least a few others who weren’t able to. We all are given a max of only 36500 days to do this.


One of the ways we think we can do this is by taking the onus of educating the children of the low income families in the most sustainable way!

Rationale – “Teaching to fish” can changes more lives than just merely “giving” once or twice . Furthermore being aware of our mortality, “Fishing Lessons” should remains relevant – with or without us!


We have end-to-end, doorstep delivered programs that we run in urban slums (led by mostly people within) that help families to get their children educated. We have 40,000 such slums that we are targeting to “plant” our catalysts in so these slums become a “history” that never should have been!

Would you like to join our mission?

Contribute today at or write to us at


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