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Why After-School?

Its a question that we have often ruminated over and still do. Why couldnt we have worked within school hour and school premises and increased our impact and popularity several fold in a short time?

Wouldnt that be what would have attracted the Incubators/Foundations and Grant givers?

So why then did we pick up After School space and not anything else for our cause?

Ironically – the reponse to these questions are themselves more questions.

Here are a few of them

a. We realized that there are ample players inside the schools who are doing their best to create a systemetic changes in education. Is there a need for more?

b. We realized that the coordinates of the “cracks” in the lives of the children we work with are more in spaces outside of the school compound and during their duskier timezones! Thats where “slippages” tend to happen be it due to peer pressure or need for money or for being “cool”. What if we were to “steal” that space and time and channelize it towards a different path?

c. We realized that it allows us to have maximum autonomy. We like to think that we exist to FIRST serve the “parents” and the “students” and then the society/nation or system. So wouldnt being outside of a system allow us best to serve the people we want to?

d. We realized that planting million sapplings (and hoping it grow at the mercy of the universe) is less lucrative to us than seeing just thousands of them growing into tree. Can we pick up just a few students and families and work with them at a deeper level to create a change in their lives? Wouldnt After-school be a better space to allow for that?

And lastly

What if we take only a subset of the entire educational dillema and go deeper into figuring out what does it take to build a world-class after school intervention that can change the orbits of our children?

Visit us at to watch how we live through these thoughts.


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