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Giving vs Ta(l)king

Why does “TALKING” increase during calamities? And when I say talking – its not just the media, politicians or your Whatsapp circles, but also the talking from the “GIVING” sector? Even this rumble that I am making is a “talking”!

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We are going through an unprecedented times. A small microbe has made us wonder at how little do we really know about the universe and its working. We all are invariably questioning our purpose in some form or the other.  We are no longer making large plans spanning beyond months. We are no longer afraid of future which seems increasingly difficult to predict.

The good thing about any such calamity  is that suddenly everyone wants to help everyone. Differences are forgotten or becomes not-noticeable. We really start becoming selfless in many respects.

BUT the not-so-good-thing is that it also make us want the whole world to know about that! Our “greed” changes its denomination from “money” to “fame or I-am-also-doing-my-bit elements”. We still find it difficult to let go of “greed” though it disguises itself in a higher form of hierarchy!

Did you notice that there are exponential increase in number of posts/messages that talks of you/your friends/your community having collected or contributed funds or distributed groceries or medicines or milk ? They talk of need, They talk of what they have done, They talk of what they are going to do. They talk of poverty. They talk of helplessness. They talk of doing their bit of providing a tea to guards, paying their maids and so on and on. And unfortunately this includes NGOs (such as ours) too!

In doing so, sometimes we unintentionally start blurring the lines between the “purpose of giving” and the “kick” it gives us/our organization/our make-shift-teams of having done something? If you are an NGO-  This also morphs itself into a question of is it also for subtle fundraising or branding or making your presence felt in this over-crowded sector?

The worst – these “spiked” interventions land up making no differences to the world around once the calamities are over. Its like planting a million sapling and then expecting nature to water and take care of them.

Whom are we posting these pictures or messages of “Giving” for? Friends? Neighbors? Donors? Funders? Peer NGO Forums?

Or is it for Ourselves and our alter-ego?

There is no doubt that its a great act of HELPING others in moments of their distress or need. May God bless you many times over for that! But then maybe we should also ask ourselves – “Is it even necessary for your “left hand” to know what your “right hand” has given? Why Publicize and lose the purpose of giving?” 

Why cant “Giving” be done with less (or even better “no”) “Talking”?

As an individual or a Non Profit , its time to ask ourselves – If our Friends, Donors or Funder’s think we are not “doing or giving enough” because we do “less” talking/posting/branding, are they really our right partners for our mission?

What do you think?


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